GLADRACKET Toy Story Collection Look Book

My Dear sweet friends over at GLADRACKET were kind enough to send me all four of their newest tees from their Toy Story collection and I just had to create a fun look book with them.

If you see anything you like be sure to use code GGTERESA at checkout to save some money. Also before we get started, a little disclosure housekeeping for you all. While I did receive three out of four of these shirts for free I do not receive any commission for my code being used and all opinions are my own. Now onward to the good stuff!

Everyone that knows me knows I love all things spooky and prefer that style over things that are light. It can be really hard finding Toy Story pieces like that so these four tees are all going to be in heavy rotation.


For this Sid tee I decided to pair it with a spiderweb skirt as a call back to one of the misfit toys and then I added my metallic Minnie ears, TUK Footwear Mary Janes, and ruffle socks to really put the cute but evil look over the top. This tee has a fun connection to me too. The band that this tee is inspired by, Shai Hulud, are originally from Florida but then moved to Poughkeepsie, NY (where I live!).


The colors in this Zurg tee manage to really pop while still looking completely metal. I enjoy the look of cropped tees but I don’t often want to commit to cutting off part of the artwork so sometimes I’ll just fold the tee up and either pin it or tuck it into my bra. My black and white skirt is an essential staple in my closet, I pair it with all my fun colored tees when I want to wear a skirt with them. Don’t be afraid of mixing up patterns and colors. I love buying novelty popcorn buckets at the parks, but don’t let them collect dust at home, use them as fun purses!

GLADRACKET Buzz Lightyear Tee Look
GLADRACKET Buzz Lightyear Tee Look

First off, cat mom for life. Can’t create anything without one of my little ghouls getting in the way. I’ve had this space babes skirt from Sourpuss Clothing forever and have never worn it, but I knew one day it would find it’s soulmate top and today was that day! It creates such an out of this world look with my new Buzz Lightyear tee and my Irregular Choice alien shoes.


Sometimes a tee is so perfect you just need to go with the classic jeans and slip-on Vans look. Lotso is one of my faves and you can never find any good Lotso stuff in the states so this tee deserves to shine as bright as possible.

And with that, I’ll leave you with a fun look book video I did. Please pardon the the horizontal filming, I did it for TikTok and Instagram.


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