My Favorite Horror Movies for Summer Watching

Summerween is officially upon us and while any time is a good time to kick back, relax, and watch a horror movie…some movies just *hit* different during certain times. Here are my top Summerween horror picks in no particular order. Spoiler alert, you won’t find Jaws on here. I love swimming so I watch that during non swimming seassons. I also threw in a few not so scary Summerween picks at the bottom for you too!

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The Evil Dead Franchise

Nothing screams summer to me like Ash kicking some serious undead ass. These movies are campy, a bit gory, and most of all fun which is the perfect recipe for summer horror movies.

You can pick up the combo pack of Evil Dead 1 and 2 here.

Don’t forget Army of Darkness!

I also won’t discount the 2013 remake of Evil Dead which also pops up on rotation at our house during the summer months.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

Copyright: Amazon

Haters are going to hate but Killer Klowns From Outer Space is 100% one of my summer horror comfort movies. The theme song alone is enough to make me want to head to a carnival and enjoy a long summer night amid some neon lights.

If you don’t like clowns, Id probably stay away.

You can grab this killer good time here.


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One thing I love more than anything in horror movies is an excellent “good for her” story. It’s probably why I love the idea of a final girl so much. Midsommar is the epitome of “good for her” and makes you want to dance around in a flower crown (maybe not in Sweden) after watching it. Pop open a bottle of rosé and enjoy this trip.

You can grab Midsommar right here!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Not only is Texas Chainsaw Massacre a great to watch in the summer due to the fact that you can feel how hot and sweaty everyone is in this movie, but it actually has a specific date to watch it too. The movie takes place on August 18th, so this coming August I expect everyone to order some BBQ and watch this classic on August 18th.

You can grab the 1974 original here.

I will say though that I actually find the 2003 remake a lot scarier, so if you haven’t watch it yet, I would definitely give it a try.

Friday the 13th Franchise

Copyright: Wikipedia

Obviously the first one reigns supreme, but I’m counting ALL of them in my list here. Slasher films are my comfort horror genre so I might be bias but I find enjoyment in all the installments of Friday the 13th. Great for heat wave movie marathon where you just want to stay inside with the AC blasting all day.

If you just want the original you can grab it here.

You also can get an 8 movie collection here. You will be missing a couple movies but this is a pretty decent price.

It Follows

Copyright: IMDB

It Follows is one of those movies that people either love or hate. Since it’s on my list I’m sure you already figured out that I love it. I think it takes the optimism of high school love and just cuts a knife right through it. It’s the type of moody that I just adore…especially during summer. There are still some scenes that I think about.

Grab a copy here.

House of 1000 Corpses

Copyright: Wikipedia

Another polarizing one on the list. You have to have a certain taste for Rob Zombie and I definitely do. This movie in particular is one of his bests. The psychedelic road trip vibes lend so well to summer viewing. Any time I’m traveling through off the beaten path places this movie pops in my head for better and worse.

This movie is part of a trilogy and while the other two aren’t on this list you can grab the whole collection here.

It Chapter 1 & 2 (but mostly chapter 1)

Copyright Wikipedia

I enjoy them both but Chapter 1 is vastly superior. I do think that if you haven’t seen these yet you definitely should watch both. Also can you tell that creepy clowns give me all the summer feels?

You can grab Chapter 1 & 2 here.

Cabin in the Woods

Copyright: Wikipedia

While I love swimming so I won’t watch Jaws during swimming season, I really hate camping or cabin life so you can give me all these types of horror settings and I won’t ever blink. Cabin in the Woods is just one of those movies I can watch over and over again. You also get to see Chris Hemsworth not be Thor which is funny.

This is definitely a great popcorn flick with friends.

Pick it up here.

Not So Scary Picks

I personally don’t think any of these are scary but I always like to put in a disclaimer that everyone has different levels of fright so watcher beware.

Addams Family Values: is there anything more summer iconic than Wednesday Addams at camp? I think not!

The Final Girls: a fun popcorn movie that breaks down the final girl trope.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: If you love the camping slasher genre you’ll love this spoof. I think this movie is just funny but it does have gore in it.

Happy Summerween everyone!

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