Creating Disney Style Content Outside of Disney Parks

I feel like I’ve debated in my head for months about how to post this that it almost seem irrelevant now but then last night I realized that there probably is a bigger market for this than I think.

Before Covid-19 hit I frequented Disney World and Disneyland much more than your average New Yorker, but I still created a lot of my style content not in the parks. Honestly, when I travel I try super hard to only bring a carryon with me so a lot of unnecessary accessories get left home. I also love Disneybounding but I don’t really do it much in the parks. I know it is very appealing to just create content in the parks, it’s easy and it automatically looks very on brand (because you are actually in the brand), but there are a few fun and easy tips for getting the perfect setup not in the parks.

So whether you don’t feel safe getting on a plane right now, going to a theme park, your local Disney is still closed, you can’t due to financial reasons, or even if you’re just looking to branch out check out these tips and examples below!

Scenery that matches the movie or show you are Disneybounding as.

If you’re Disneybounding think of the movie or show the character/s that you are creating and what kind of scenery there is to match the show.  Peter and I put together this Briar Rose and Prince Philip look and decided to take the photos on the outskirts of the woods to mimic the scene when they dance.

Briar Rose and Prince Philip Disneybound

Another example is when I put together a Gabby Gabby outfit and took photos in front of an antique store.

Floral backdrops.

Shooting looks in front of large floral backdrops is absolutely stunning and adds a huge punch of color. It’s also pretty hard to tell where you are…did you find an amazing bush on the grounds of a resort? or are you on the side of a road with cars honking at you as they whiz by? Only you will know!


Peter and I make it a point to keep our eyes open for murals and interesting street art when we are anywhere. I keep a mental catalog of where pieces are so when I have an outfit that needs to be photographed I know which mural would be best. Some of the best places to find murals and street art are parks and main street areas in towns and cities.

Awesome looking walls.

This can be considered the twin to the tip above. Disney parks do not have exclusive rights to awesome looking walls, you can find them anywhere and everywhere! You just have to keep your eyes opened.

Your house.

Okay this may seem like a no brainer but I’m putting it here anyways. Make mental notes about which rooms in your house have the best lighting and what time of day it occurs. You can invest in backdrops and some lighting equipment but it’s completely unnecessary. I usually just use a blank wall and take photos in the morning/early afternoon because that’s when a nice even light comes in to my house.

College campuses.

I’m going to let you in a little secret. College campuses are golden for finding all different backdrops to take photos. I’m lucky enough to live right by a very old, large college and I seriously take a ton of my content there. A lot of colleges have open campuses meaning that anyone can go walk around on the grounds. Do a little research to see if you have any in your area.

These are just some tips and examples that I have found over time to be very helpful when it comes to creating fun Disney style content outside of the parks. Of course when you’re out and about always remember to be respectful of your environment and aware of your surroundings. Content creation should be fun and safe and always remember no trespassing.



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